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Enhanced Ag-Weather Station - WiFi

Enhanced Ag-Weather Station - WiFi

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Includes VantagePro2 Wireless Weather Station with Solar Radiation, EnviroMonitor IP Gateway (Wi-Fi/Ethernet), and activation fee

  • Transmission range of up to 3000m from weather station to WeatherLink Live unit
  • The IP Gateway for EnviroMonitor allows you to set up to 32 Nodes with up to four sensors per node
  • The Nodes send data to the Gateway and to each other via radio transmission, forming a mesh network of sensors
  • The IP Gateway for EnviroMonitor uploads the data from the Nodes and the GroWeather to
  • Data can be accessed on, the WeatherLink mobile app, and the agricultural-focused Mobilize app
  • Perfect for agriculture because it allows you to keep track of micro-environments across the farm
  • Nodes are compatible with hundreds of Davis Instruments and third-party sensors, including SDI-12 sensors
  • AC-powered with battery backup
  • Can be mounted outside in weather-resistant Universal Shelter
  • Add an 8 dBi antenna to get communication range of up to 3,000m
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

Requires a one-time hardware activation fee of USD $35 (included) and an Annual Service Plan. You can subscribe to an Annual Service Plan in the EnviroMonitor app.

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